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Kettle & Stony Point First Nations
June 25, 2014

It was no ordinary last day of school before the summer break in this First Nation.

When former Prime Minister Paul Martin, Margaret Norrie McCain and other honoured guests pulled up at Hillside elementary school, they were welcomed by students, many wearing their traditional regalia. The day was a celebration of the students’ success and a thank you to the Martin Aboriginal Initiative and the Margaret and Wallace McCain Family Foundation for supporting integrated early years programming and culturally-based literacy instruction.

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The Early Years Last A Lifetime
April 10, 2014

The Harris Centre has partnered with the Jimmy Pratt Family Foundation and the Margaret and Wallace McCain Family Foundation to facilitate a year-long discussion about early childhood education in Newfoundland and Labrador.

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Hot Soups and Cool Jazz
April 8, 2014

The annual gala brings St. John's top chefs and artists together to raise funds for local charities.

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Early Years Centres Open in Three Communities
April 7, 2014

Excerpt: ""We are pleased to partner with province as it creates the first tier of life-long learning," said Mrs. McCain. "So much of each child's potential is developed in early childhood. It just makes sense to open public schools to children during their earliest years when the most fundamental lessons are being learned. These first early years centres are models for the delivery of quality early childhood programs across the province."

The Margaret and Wallace McCain Family Foundation is providing $500,000 over five years to help establish the centres."

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Smart Public Policy Includes Early Childhood Education
April 2, 2014

The remarks of Margaret Norrie McCain, given at Mount Saint Vincent University on April 2, 2014. Ms. McCain argues for the centrality of early learning experiences in providing children with a strong foundation for their future health, academic success, and wellbeing. By integrating new services and policies into the existing public education infrastructure, Ms. McCain believes we can foster vibrant community-based schools that will support young children and their families. Ms. McCain was at Mount Saint Vincent to open the Margaret Norrie McCain Centre for Teaching, Learning and Research.

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Make Schools Cornerstones of Early Learning
April 4, 2014

Excerpt: "All Ontario four-year-olds are in full time kindergarten this year. In the province’s French-language schools, youngsters enroll at age three. Full day junior kindergarten begins its rollout in the Northwest Territories this fall. Even Quebec, with its much-envied $7-a-day child care, plans to expand education to include four-year-olds. Despite its huge investments, child care still reaches only 69 per cent of children. Least likely to attend Quebec day care are the children who could use it most; those from low-income families, new Canadians or youngsters with special needs." 

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Schedule for Honourable Margaret McCain in Atlantic Canada
April 2 to April 11, 2014

The Honourable Margaret Norrie McCain will be in Atlantic Canada April 2 to April 11.  The former Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick, Ms McCain is widely recognized for her philanthropy and her role in furthering early childhood education policies across Canada. She is Chair of the Margaret & Wallace McCain Family Foundation, an organization that champions policy initiatives that create opportunities for all children.

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Atlantic Canada ready for an online degree program for ECEs

FREDERICTON, Feb. 12, 2014 /CNW/ - Early childhood educators in Atlantic Canada may soon be logging on to earn a degree from the University of New Brunswick (UNB).  The online Early Childhood Education degree program builds on existing diplomas and certificates offered by community colleges in the four Atlantic provinces. Students completing community college training will have the option to continue, in an on-line delivery model, to receive a Bachelor degree.

Ann Sherman, Dean of Education at the University of New Brunswick, said the university was convinced by the positive response the idea of a degree in early education received.

"Respondents agreed that children in Atlantic Canada deserve well qualified early learning educators who have the opportunity to blend teaching experience with new learning. An online program, that continues the work of partnering colleges, will increase the quality of professional growth opportunities," Dr. Sherman said.

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Can Empty Classrooms Help Solve the Daycare Crunch?
December 5, 2013 

Excerpt: "The Ontario government took steps this week to modernize the school clock, by introducing legislation that mandates school boards to provide before and after programs for all elementary student where “sufficient need” exists – an extended school day approach that is already catching on in Europe."

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Early Years Study 3 - Animated Presentations

View several of the animated presentations that were produced as a result of teh Early Years Study 3.

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New Brunswick Childhood Development Centres Follow-Up Research Initiative
October 2013

The Follow-up Report on the New Brunswick Early Child Development Centres, completed by the Health and Education Research Group at the Faculty of Education, University of New Brunswick, tracks the progress made among the demonstration sites in the Carleton-York-Victoria Network and at La Boussole in Kent County.

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The Early Years Last A Lifetime

Date:  November 6, 2013
Time: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Location: Johnson Geo Centre, 175 Signal Hill Road, St. John's, NL, A1A 1B3
The Jimmy Pratt Family Foundation
in partnership with the
Margaret and Wallace McCain Family Foundation
and the
Leslie Harris Centre of Regional Policy and Development 

invite you to participate in a day-long visioning workshop to help chart the course for a year-long public conversation on what quality early childhood education could look like in our province.

Schedule for Honourable Margaret McCain in Newfoundland
November 5, 2013

The Honourable Margaret Norrie McCain will be in Newfoundland, November 5, for a series of events coinciding with the launch of a public discussion on an early learning and child care strategy for the province.

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New Brunswick's Early Childhood Development Centres

New Brunswick’s integrated Early Childhood Development Centres (ECDC) model combines regulated child care, education, family and community health services into a single, accessible program designed to meet the needs of children and their families from the prenatal period through to the transition to elementary school.  

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Schedule for Honourable Margaret McCain in New Brunswick
October 21-25, 2013

The Honourable Margaret Norrie McCain will be in New Brunswick, October 21 to 25, for a series of events coinciding with the release of the evaluations of the Early Childhood Development Centres. The centres are part of a three-year pilot project designed to inform program practice and provide policy makers with a guide to building a comprehensive, accessible, accountable family-oriented child care and education system.

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Evaluation Provides Recommendations for Early Learning and Child Care System
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island - September 4, 2013

This report is the result of the first year's evaluation of Prince Edward Island's Preschool Excellence Initiative - a comprehensive 5 year plan to build a provincial early childhood system for children from infancy to kindergarten.  The system's emphasis is on building a community based, publicly managed early childhood system supporting the early development of children, while at the same time supporting parents in balancing their work and family responsibilities.

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Early Years Centre Sites Announced
August 22, 2013

Nova Scotia - The province is opening early years centres in four communities to provide families with more access to services and supports for young children.

Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Ramona Jennex announced the locations of the province's first early years centres today, Aug. 22, at Rockingstone Heights School, the site for the Halifax Regional School Board's centre.

The other centres will be located at Jubilee Elementary School in Sydney Mines, Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board; East Antigonish Education Centre in Monastery, Strait Regional School Board; and Yarmouth Central in Yarmouth, Tri-County Regional School Board.

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McCain Foundation Helps Fund Early Years Centres
July 10, 2013

Families of young children in some Nova Scotia communities will soon have early years centres to add to their resources thanks, in part, to the support from the Margaret & Wallace McCain Family Foundation.

Premier Darrell Dexter and Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Ramona Jennex welcomed Margaret McCain, at Joseph Howe School in Halifax today, June 26, as she announced the $500,000 grant being issued to help establish the province’s first early years centres.

“As a parent, I know how important it is for families of young children to have a place to go when they have questions and need supports,” said Mr. Dexter. “We are committed to providing Nova Scotia’s children with the best start in life, and the establishment of these centres will help make that happen.”

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Dr. Fraser Mustard Video Tribute

Fraser Mustard was a Canadian icon who advocated tirelessly about the importance of early child development for the full realization of human potential. The Lawson Foundation, in collaboration with the Margaret and Wallace McCain Family Foundation and Atkinson Charitable Foundation funded the Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Development to create a video tribute to Dr. Mustard.

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Learning More About Play Is Child's Play

Play is a fundamental right of childhood and should be part of ALL children’s life. Not only does it help children develop pre-literacy skills, problem solving skills and concentration, but play also generates social learning experiences and helps children to express possible stresses and problems.

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New location expands preschool options for Centreville families

CENTREVILLE, NB, June 14, 2013 /CNW/ - The Honourable Margaret Norrie McCain opens a new location for the Centreville Preschool, here on June 18.

Activities start with story time stages and puppet theatre followed by the preschool graduation ceremonies. Activities take place at 751 Central Street starting at 6:00 p.m. Mrs. McCain, who will officiate the graduation, is joined by Mayor Gary Thomas and Kim Thomas, chair of Cougar Kittens.

The new location for the preschool in Centreville Community School will serve 27 youngsters aged three and four. It was refurbished with support from the Margaret and Wallace McCain Family Foundation.

For further information: Kerry McCuaig
Email: kmccuaig@rogers.com. Phone: 647.295.2808

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Getting It Right From the Start

CSSE Annual Conference - Victoria, British Columbia
June 1-5, 2013

The Hon. Margaret Norrie McCain gives the Big Thinker Lecture at the Canadian Society of Studies in Education Conference in Victoria, British Columbia, June 2,, 2013.  In her presentation Mrs. McCaian makes a compelling case for why policy makers should focus attention and resources on young children and their families. She argues that preschool education for all 2- to 5-year-olds is within our grasp, particularly if it is built on the asset we already have in public education.

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Hilary Pearson Honours The Remarkable Contribution of Margaret McCain
May 29, 2013, University of New Brunswick

In accepting her honourary degree from the University of New Brunswick, on May 29, Hilary Pearson, President of the Philanthropic Foundations Canada honoured the remarkable contribution of Margaret McCain to philanthropy.  Ms. Pearson credits Margaret’s "curiosity, evidence and impact to make a compelling and passionate case for greater public investment in early childhood development".

Findings from the UK’s Effective Provision of Pre-School Education Study: Canadian Tour with Dr. Edward Melhuish
April 25-May 2, 2013

Effective Provision of Pre-School Education (EPPE) is the first major study in the United Kingdom to focus specifically on the effectiveness of early years education. The large-scale, longitudinal study follows the progress and development of 4,000 children in various types of at home and pre-school settings. It explores the characteristics of different kinds of early years settings and their influences on children’s early development and their later progress. It is now reporting at age 16. Dr. Melhuish’s work explores the effects of student variables (gender, EAL status), family (parental SES, qualifications, home learning etc.) and neighbourhood characteristics on student’s secondary school attendance, attitudes, social, behavioural and academic outcomes.

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We Are Stronger Together Conference
Keynote Speaker: Margaret McCain

Description: "Early Years Study 3: Making Decisions, Taking Action makes a compelling case for why policy makers should focus attention and resources on young children and their families. The social, economic and scientific rationale for increased investments in early childhood education is clear and well documented.

Good education, begun early, can improve every child’s chance of success. It is fair. It works. It is affordable. It enjoys widespread popularity, and we are already well on our way in Canada to making it a reality."

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MWMFF Joins with Government of Nova Scotia to Open Early Years Centre

The MWMFF is joining with the government of Nova Scotia to establish three early years centres across the province that will provide support for young children and their families at accessible community locations.

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Nova Scotia: Province Ensuring Children Get Strong Start in Life

"Families will have better access to the supports they need to ensure their children get a strong start in life thanks to changes and funding announced in this year's budget. Premier Darrell Dexter and Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Ramona Jennex visited Rockingstone Heights School in Halifax to talk about the initiatives, which include integrating provincial programs and services for children and families, establishing early years centres, and free, comprehensive physician visits to screen children at 18 and 36 months."

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Conclusions de l'étude britannique Effective Provision of Pre-School Education Study

Effective Provision of Pre-School Education (EPPE) est la première grande étude menée au Royaume-Uni qui porte spécifiquement sur l'efficacité de l’enseignement précoce. Cette étude longitudinale à grande échelle suit les progrès et le développement de 4 000 enfants dans des cadres tels que les services de garde en milieu familial ou les établissements préscolaires.

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Margaret McCain:  Hooked on Philanthropy

"For McCain, the first female lieutenant-governor of New Brunswick, philanthropy, even in its most grassroots form, has always permeated life. Norrie’s sense of selfless beneficence has remained a cornerstone of McCain’s stance towards community involvement to this day."

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UNB Launches Feasibility Study into Early Childhood Degree

""The Faculty of Education at the University of New Brunswick has partnered with the Margaret and Wallace McCain Family Foundation and the Jimmy Pratt Family Foundation..."

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National Strategy for Early Years Required

Telegraph-Journal: "Philanthropist Margaret McCain is calling on the federal government to create a national early childhood development strategy for a public system that will give children a better life start. "It's absolutely necessary," she said, in an interview....

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MWMFF Attends ECD Funders Working Group in Montreal

On January 31 and February 1, 2013 members of the Margaret and Wallace McCain Family Foundation attended meetings of the ECD Funders Working Group in Montreal, Quebec...

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La Boussole Named a Success Story

 "The Centre for Early Childhood and Family La Boussole, in Richibucto, offers a complete range of services to families with children 0 to 5 years who live in the Greater Richibucto area."

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Bringing education & care together in New Brunswick

FREDERICTON, NB, Oct. 27, 2012 /CNW/ - "Merging education with child care and family supports is a proven formula for better outcomes for children and less stress for parents. Yet across Canada services, particularly for young children, are a disorganized patchwork..."

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Learning to Care: Closing Remarks by Hon. Margaret McCain

"Less than a month after the inaugural conference for the Fraser Mustard Institute for Human Development, we are together again under the same theme--how research, policy and practice--across disciplines--inform one another..."

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Remarks by the Hon. Margaret McCain to PFC Symposium

"We are the Early Child Development Funders Working Group – it’s a mouthful and we could have devised a more pithy handle but we are not about branding; we are about a goal – publicly funded early education for every child from the age of two.  This objective underpins our respective equity and social justice agendas. It is progressive, ambitious and achievable..."

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